Product recommendations have a phenomenal impact to drive conversions on your ecommerce website. Because they are really personal and relevant to every single user.

Email marketing, like product newsletters, is also an awesome tool to drive conversions.

But email marketing does not have the same power as online product recommendations. Because most of "personal" recommendations sent by email are only based on clusters, or personas; they are not really personal.

That's why we developed ORAC.

True Personalization for email

ORAC brings the power of amazon-like personalized product recommendations to your email marketing.

You will populate your email marketing and newsletters with the best personalized recommended products (and most relevant!) to every single user. Ready to buy.

Maximize your user engagement, also on email.


AI-based amazon-like
product recommendation
for your email marketing

ORAC uses AI complex algorithms to pinpoint the best product for every single customer. ORAC will give you the most relevant products for every customer, so you can:

●  Send by newsletter the best recommended product to every single customer
●  Send the most relevant message to every single customer
●  Improve relevance of your email marketing activities
●  Up to +30% sales
●  Up to +10% click-through rate

You have now the opportunity to leverage on being lean and fast to adapt.

With ORAC, you have at your disposal an AI-based to work for you, so you can save time and money.

How to use ORAC

ORAC is an ecosystem of algorithms, born out of AI systems developed for health and customer support. Two fields where no mistake is allowed.


Allow ORAC access to your database. Transaction history, socio-demo... any available information is welcome. ORAC is hungry for data. The more, the better. Big data, big results.


ORAC analyzes each possible action by the user, and returns personalised product recommendations based on real customer preferences --and not just about products.


You now have personalised product recommendations for each of your customers. Either you import data in your email marketing platform, or ORAC can send the emails for you.


Sit back and enjoy the results. Within few hours, your sales will take off. Over time, ORAC can continously run A/B tests to ensure you, and show to you, its effectiveness. ORAC learns by the usage. The more email it sends, the more personalized they will be.


We feel we can't ask you money for improving your email marketing with AI-based product recommendation.
Nor for letting you use some (however beautiful) recommendation algorithms (we enjoy developing them).


We believe in what we do. We give you the power of product recommendation and email marketing personalization.
Therefore, we think that we should charges our clients on a performance basis.
Cost per Action or Cost per Click.

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